Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing Online Training Program

5 Part Hawaiian Shamanism Series:

ONLINE COURSE with Patti Miller


This course uses the Book “Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing” as a handbook, and offers a live, interactive group experience of shamanic healing practices and exercises for personal growth.


It is a 5 part course, and each part is a 3 hour class.

Classes will be held once a week, over a 5 week period.

Each part will feature some grassroots Hawaiian teachings,
as well as modern day approaches to Hawaiian Healing. 


Each class will include Hawaiian chants and prayers,
a guided meditation or ceremony, exercises to develop your shamanic skills, as well as ongoing processes
of self reflection and self care.


You will be building an altar and working with your altar in a different way each week.  Homework given for introspection, personal growth and embodying the teachings that will be discussed in class.

One on one support and digital recording of each class will be provided.



Jan 6 - Feb 3 2020

6 - 9 pm PDT ~ Wednesday Evenings


Feb 6 - Mar 6 2020

 10am - 1pm PDT ~ Saturday Mornings

Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing Online Training Program

Part 1: Intro to Hawaiian Shamanism
             Huna and Kahuna Teachings


Part 2: Your Body – Divine Communication

             working with the wisdom of your body


Part 3: Your Mind - Managing Beliefs – Focusing Intent

             manifestation techniques and ceremony


Part 4: Your Spirit - Connecting to the Higher Power

             identifying blocks – removing blocks - claiming your power


Part 5: Your Ancestors and Spirit Helpers - Ancestral Healing

             connecting to your guides, ancestral healing

Earn a Shamanistic Healer Certificate with Shamanic Bodywork!
Students are required to take the 5 part online course
as well as the Kahi Loa Workshop (either online or in person)

To contact us or for any questions please fill out the form below:

Tel: 604 886 4588

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