Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing Online Training Program

5 Part Hawaiian Shamanism Series:

ONLINE COURSE with Patti Miller


This course uses the Book “Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing” as a handbook and offers a live, interactive group experience of shamanic healing practices and exercises for personal growth.


It is a 5 part course, and each part is a 3-hour class.

Classes will be held once a week, over a 5 week period.

Each part will feature some grassroots Hawaiian teachings,
as well as modern-day approaches to Hawaiian Healing. 


Each class will include Hawaiian chants and prayers,
guided meditation or ceremony; exercises to develop your shamanic skills, as well as ongoing processes
of self-reflection and self-care.


You will be building an altar and working with your altar in a different way each week.  Homework is given for introspection, personal growth, and embodying the teachings that will be discussed in class.

One-on-one support from me and a digital recording of each class will be provided for your review and study at home.




May 15 - June 12, 2022 ~ Five Sundays

 1 pm ~ 4 pm PDT 

Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing Online Training Program

Part 1: Intro to Hawaiian Shamanism
             Huna and Kahuna Teachings


Part 2: Your Body – Divine Communication

             working with the wisdom of your body


Part 3: Your Mind - Managing Beliefs – Focusing Intent

             manifestation techniques and ceremony


Part 4: Your Spirit - Connecting to the Higher Power

             identifying blocks – removing blocks - claiming your power


Part 5: Your Ancestors and Spirit Helpers - Ancestral Healing

             connecting to your guides, ancestral healing

Earn a Shamanistic Healer Certificate with Shamanic Bodywork!
Students are required to take the 5 part online course
as well as the Kahi Loa Workshop (either online or in person)

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