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The Book

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Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing

Medicine Ways to Cultivate the Aloha Spirit


Bring Paradise and Peace to Your Life Everyday, No Matter Where You Are!


Explore Techniques
to Heal Yourself and Others.....

Our Story

We offer this book as a humble contribution to the vast legacy of healing references and shamanic bodywork knowledge that is being shared at this time by our fellow holistic health practitioners. It seems that we’re all on a self- discovery, healing mission through the practice of sacred alignment with great love and forgiveness ~ Aloha Nui and Ho’oponopono.

The path of Hawaiian medicine connects us all to the roots of our being, through our ancestors, the spirits of nature, the star beings and the source of all life.  


We trust that this book will inspire and perhaps assist you to learn, generate and allow the profound miracles that Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing has to offer you and so many others who are in need of effective healing at this time. Miraculous things happen all the time. We just are not always aware.  Our prayer is that all of us may become aware, and to work with the forces of nature to create great things.

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